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So, tired of posting all of her icons, fanmixes and assorted whatnots in her personal journal, part_b, whose profile will tell you is a girl named Liz, not a girl named Ishmael, decided to embark on a new venture. Armed with lyrics from a song by her favorite band, way too many alt codes, Photoshop and an adventurous spirit, she set out. Thus, inroom8 was born. Time passed and, as they always do, a challenger appeared! Well, a challenger in the form of a collaborator. But you know what I mean! And frauleinrk, who you could totally just call Lucy, joined the community! Now fortified with Photoshop CS3, the two marched onwards to create graphics the likes of which the world had never before seen! And then synthesizia, known as Nikki in the non-crime-fighting world, came along, but she's not cool enough for more than one sentence. Oh, hush, of course she is. Liz would like to let you know that was because she foolishly let Nikki edit herself into the userinfo. She did not properly hail her great achievements!

liz: 17; girly girl girl; ps7;
fandoms: rilo kiley; clamp; misc. bands; kuroshitsuji; pandora hearts; house md; 30 rock; tsubasa reservoir chronicle; too many to list;

lucy: 18; also of the feminine persuasion; ps cs3; occasionally eats babies;
fandoms: the dark knight; watchmen; 30 rock; robert downey jr; heroes; dexter; the office; heath ledger; literature;

nikki: 18; chick; ps cs3; occasionally eats you out of house and home;
fandoms: j-pop (johnnies) and j-rock (vkei and the regular looking people); some anime; sitcoms on Lifetime; many things.

Comment if you want to be loved forever.

Credit because we put a lot of work into these!

Absolutely DO NOT hotlink because we will wreak my horrible revenge on you if you do!

Don't alter stuff without asking, because we could probably do it for you!

Watch the community if you want to know EVERYTHING WE DO OMG.



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